About White Crane Kung Fu

White Crane Kung Fu is a martial arts system that comes from the Fujian province of China. It was created by a woman called Fan Chi Niang who lived in Yong Chun village in Fujian, China in the 17th century. Kung Fu translated from Mandarin Chinese literally means “hard work over a long period”. It denotes something that you focus on over a period to improve all aspects of you as a human being. Martial arts training is about the constant progression of being a little better today than yesterday.

Our Tai Chi classes teach 2 styles of Tai Chi – Bagua and Suang Yang Tai Chi. Our club has 2 locations Portobello and Ranelagh and we teach White Crane Kung Fu (adults and kids) and Tai chi in both locations.

What we do…

We teach Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu  and Tai Chi) in a traditional way using modern methods and techniques.  You’ll learn the White Crane Kung Fu system in the Hard style kung fu classes. And for more advanced learning you can attend the sparring classes, weapons and pattern classes.

Why choose us…  

Eddie Walsh is a 1st Dan Chinese Wushu Association qualified martial artist and is also a Level 2 Graded Martial arts Coach (Coaching Ireland) and has been teaching now for over 7 years. The club is insured with WAKO and all instructors and helpers are Garda Vetted.  Eddie Walsh is also a Kung Fu and Tai Chi representative on the Executive Board of the Irish Martial Arts Commission (the official body overseeing Martial Arts in Ireland).

We have a great fun loving club and even though training can be tough at times we enjoy having a laugh and socialising. So why not sign up for a class today and start a new chapter in your life.