Adults Tai Chi Grading Syllabus

Our Tai Chi grading syllabus contains two Tai Chi forms. The basic square bagua pattern which consists of 3 directions of movement – forward, backward and 4 Compass Points and Suang Yang Bai He Rou Ruan Quan – Frost and Sun White Crane Gentle Art. Our Tai Chi Grading Structure contains 3 primary gradings and 10 grading of the Suang Yang pattern. Depending on individual ability (and how hard and regularly one trains!) you would expect to grade once every 2-3 months for the first three gradings. For the next gradings, which is the Suang Yang pattern, you could expect to grade every 3 months. Progress is about slow and steady – you can’t rush quality.

Bagua Gradings

  1. Forwards
  2. Forwards and backwards
  3. 4 Compass Points