Childrens Gradings

The essence of the children’s gradings is to promote learning and to take stock of the achievements so far. The gradings for the younger ones especially are to check to see if they can remember what each movement is and to re-inforce what they learn in class.

For the first few gradings there will also be questions and demos to re-inforce the correct way to do the various strengthening exercises (push ups, sit ups, squats etc.) that we do in class.

This is like an NCT really. If the child has an issue with a particular move then following the gradings we will concentrate on that movement for them.

Syllabus for Childrens Gradings

Listed below are the new grading levels for children in the club.

There are 8 levels to the children’s Kung Fu Gradings. The main emphasis on the  the first three will be to see that children are listening and understanding what’s been asked and doing the movements as well as they can. Gradings are very child friendly with the emphasis on encourament and confidence building. They will be encouraged to show each other their moves and to be confident in their kung fu skills.

From the 4th grading on, there will be some physical testing of press ups, sit ups and squats. This is just to see how the kids are progressing physically.

When the children complete their 8th grading they move onto Adult Syllabus.