Missions & Tenets

Mission statement

  • To provide world class martial arts coaching using the most modern techniques


  • To value all students equally
  • To be an unreasonable friend in achieving goals
  • To teach and lead using the most up-to-date methods
  • To engender integrity, persistence, self-respect and ethical moral values in all aspects of our teaching.
  • To enable children to train in a child-friendly, safe, fun and empowering atmosphere.


  • Integrity
  • Persistence
  • Respect – pride
  • Positivity
  • Morality


When we have integrity our actions (body), our thoughts (mind) and our desire (spirit) are aligned. You cannot have some integrity, you either have it or not. In our modern age, we sometimes forget the value of integrity as we change our minds to suit ourselves often contradicting what we said we’d do because it puts us out. Or indeed, promising to do something and never really intending to do it. We know if we have integrity or not in a deep way. It is extremely difficult to have integrity all the time as being human, we fail. However, we need to strive to maintain it as often as possible so that we can be proud of ourselves.


Nothing in our human lifetime that is worthwhile can be achieved without persistence. Indeed failure is actually a lack of persistence. Training is about making continuous small changes regularly. 1% better each week. When you don’t train regularly you miss out on the compounding effect of persistence.

Respect – Pride

Pride is the respect you have for yourself, your club and your peers. Respect is the regard you hold others in.


Thinking and talking in positive ways is strived for in our club. Negative excuses, blame, denial should be avoided and you are reminded that you should take full responsibility for your actions. Words like, “I chose to …” rather than “I had to ….” should be used as everything within your life is a choice. When you accept that you will accept that you will no longer be one of the many who lay blame and circumstance to dictate their lives.  When you say “I don’t have time ….” again what you’re saying is I chose to fill my time with something else.


Humans have an inbuilt sense of morality. When this comes into question or confusion we become troubled. When we do something against our morality we feel we’ve let ourselves down. When we do something positive we empower ourselves and feel good. True morality is non-religious as there can be no discriminating against another human based on faith – that would in fact be immoral.

Conduct in class.

  • Bow on entering and leaving class
  • Do not correct your seniors
  • No swearing
  • Be on time
  • Be proud of yourself – give your utmost
  • Be clean and tidy at all times
  • Always wear full clean uniform
  • Inform the instructor of lateness or absence

Conduct outside class

  • Always respect the club name – do not do anything to diminish its good standing
  • Help out another person if they are in need.
  • Give back to your society
  • Promote yourself and your club
  • Avoid trouble and only use your martial art in defence and commensurate with any attack

All students are expected to attend class twice per week. As you progress this should increase. I want to teach people who are willing to do what it takes to achieve great results. There should be no room for excuses as this is a victim’s mentality and you cannot reach any goal with a victim’s mentality.

Through training, you will go through many stages of growth, mental, physical and spiritual sometimes together sometimes separately. Over your training period with the club you will be exposed to some amazingly positive and empowering people and techniques. Our club is built to engender achievement and diversity and is a very positive and empowering place to train.

Kung fu and Tai Chi training will help you in every aspect of your life – confidence, goal-setting, stress relief, and give you vigorous health and vitality. It may also open up doors to part of you that you never knew existed ….