Eddie Walsh

Eddie Walsh is a 1st Dan Chinese Wushu Association qualified martial artist and is also a Level 2 Graded Martial Arts Coach (Coaching Ireland) and has been teaching now for over 16 years. Eddie Walsh is also a Kung Fu and Tai Chi (Wushu) Executive Board of the Irish Martial Arts Commission (the official body overseeing Martial Arts in Ireland).

“It is my profound opinion that martial arts, in particular Kung Fu and Tai Chi, is the undiscovered treasure of the East. Despite it being around in Ireland probably from the seventies, it hasn’t entered into the main stream consciousness as yet. I feel that this is because of how it originated in a very clandestine way. I hope to allow it to blossom by exposing it to as broad a base as possible.”

Eddie teaches Chinese Martial Arts in a traditional way using modern methods and techniques.

“I believe that martial arts should be taught from an early age in schools in a modern way that keeps alive the traditional elements but encompasses modern training methods of child-centric learning through fun. There is a place for team sports when young to teach teamwork and respect for each other contribution to a shared goal. However, there is also a need to engender self-sufficiency in youth which is cultivated through the practice of kung fu.”

“Adults who practice kung fu and/or tai chi find it amazing for strength, flexibility and stress relief. It’s a great stress reliever after a hard day’s work and allows you to set goals within your personal life. There is a sense of calm and self-confidence that comes from training as you know that you’re taking care of your health and also that you’re learning how to defend you and your loved one should anything happen.”

He is married, has a grown-up stepson and two very energetic young boys.

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