Kids Kung Fu Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, classes are designed with beginners in mind. We have a very open and friendly club and beginners are always very welcome.
Yes, all instructors are Garda Vetted. All volunteers for classes are also Garda Vetted.  We sign up to the Irish Martial Arts Commission’s Code of Practice for Child Protection.
Yes. All classes teach the A B C – Agility, Balance, Co-ordination that is important for all children to develop. All exercises are designed to build up the children’s strength and confidence.

Under our child safety policy, we cannot have 1 adult left alone with 1 child, so if you’re first to class and there’s only one instructor then you’ll need to stay until another instructor or another child arrives. In the extremely unusual example of where only your child arrives at class and only one instructor is present, you’d need to stay with your child. Otherwise you can leave your child and pick them up at the end of class. If your child needs help in the toilet, then you’d need to stay as our child safety procedure is to allow them to use the toilet alone. Please do not just drop your child without coming into the hall, this is against our child safety policy.

No. Under our child safety policy we’d need a written note from a parent stating that they are happy for the child to arrive and leave alone.

5 years old is a typical starting age. We would recommend that kids be over their first term at Primary school.
No, there is no fitness requirement to start.
The club pricing is designed to allow you to train as much as possible. We’d recommend twice per week but some children can only make once per week.  The more often your child trains the faster they develop.
Not at all. The only time children can be allowed to fight in our club is at age 15 with written permission from a parent.
Like everything, Kung Fu has risks. However, compared to other sports Kung Fu is very low risk.
No. Our style was created by a woman, Fan Chi Niang so is ideally suited to girls. Our classes can be up to 50% girls and nowadays, there are a high level of women that practice martial arts.
No. There is no need to book a place. Simply come on down for whichever class time suits you (see Kids Classes). There is a membership form to fill out and there is no joining or application fee.
Yes, we operate a grading system which is designed to make the children continually progress. We find that it dramatically helps kids to have something to strive for in order to achieve.
Kung fu translated literally means “hard work over a long period” and in China it relates to anything in your life that takes time to become really good at your chosen life goals e.g. piano or dancing. Kung fu is designed for you to do for the rest of your life
Typically, he/she will need track suit bottoms and a T-shirt, preferably black. Please bring your own water to start.
Yes, everyone in the club will need to purchase a uniform. Typically, this is purchased before your first grading.
We recommend pump-style shoes which are the flat sole shoes. You can usually buy these very easily but the main thing to remember is that the shoes should have a flexible sole so that you can flex your feet.
No, we introduce all kids to the class and if they are particularly shy we’ll give them a buddy for the class. There are usually new children starting at all of our classes.
No, the classes are designed around fun and games for the most part- kids can start at their own pace. Newer children are not expected to keep up with more senior students.
At the start of training we warm with some running games and strengthening games. Then kung fu Techniques are covered including punching, kicking, blocking and moving. Strength work and body conditioning (press ups, sits ups) are also incorporated. The children typically hit pad and we end the class with a game that incorporates their ABC’s – agility, balance and co-ordination.
A child can train as often as they like but with a minimum of once per week.
This is a really based on how often the child comes to class.
In our club, we award children a red belt once they have passed the 8th grading. The red belt means that they’ve attained a level good enough to start on the adult grading system. This again can depends on many things including ability and amount of time spent coming to class.