Now you can try these martial arts at no cost. For the month of June White Crane Kung Fu and Tai Chi is offering free martial arts classes to all new people attending. You can attend any Kung Fu or Tai Chi on our timetable. All you have to do is to fill in one of our forms and let us know when you’d like to attend.

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White Crane Kung Fu and Tai Chi martial arts

Free Kung Fu Classes

Free Tai Chi Classes

Kung fu is a dynamic martial art and will get you strong and really fit no matter what your fitness level is to start. We have a very open and friendly club and welcome new visitors to come and try it out.

Tai Chi is a slow moving martial art and is excellent for joint flexibility and mobility. We teach Tai Chi as a martial art so you’ll learn applications for the techniques that you’ll learn.

So come on and try a class for yourself – you may be surprised at how much you’ll enjoy it.