Now you can try these martial arts at no cost. For the month of June White Crane Kung Fu and Tai Chi is offering free martial arts classes to all new people attending. You can attend any Kung Fu or Tai Chi on our timetable. All you have to do is to fill in one › Read more
Our Mission statement is as follows: To provide world class martial arts coaching using the most modern techniques We at, White Crane Kung Fu and Tai Chi, strive to coach and teach in the most open and actively future oriented way possible, placing the needs of the students as paramount in the goal of succeeding › Read more
There is some speculation that the animal that’s celebrating its year this year is a sheep. Yang the Chinese word describing this year can be translated in Ram, Sheep or Goat. However, most experts on folklore believe that the animal is a Goat, not a Sheep, for the following reasons. 1. The Chinese animal calendar › Read more
I like to think of a comfort zone as a bit like a bunker surrounded by barbed wire. Keeps you really safe, you know. It doesn’t take a giant leap of imagination to step outside of the frame of reference and look at it from another angle. It’s amazing how when you change your view › Read more
Physics comes up a lot when we’re training White Crane Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Balance, power delivery and body movement within martial arts are all subject to the laws of physics. Quite often we consider the properties of devices such as springs, cables, rods and other mechanical devices in order to understand how the › Read more
Tai chi literally translated means “supreme ultimate” and as a martial art its full title should be Tai Chi Chuan which means “supreme ultimate fist”. Tai Chi is the undiscovered treasure of the West. It is something that has amazing benefits for the young and old.  The health benefits to Tai are numerous but the ones › Read more
A Chinese farmer’s neighbours came over to offer him their sympathy after his horse ran away. “I’m not so sure it’s a misfortune”, said the farmer. The neighbours left, shaking their heads. The next day, the farmer’s horse returned, and three wild horses came home with him. The neighbours returned to congratulate the farmer on › Read more
On Saturday 9th August we had our first outdoor camp and the day kicked off in glorious sunshine. We warmed up with some Tai Chi exercises and then performed the very apt “Salute to the Sun” exercise, which stretches pretty much every muscle in the body, in a nice way. Warmed up by sun and › Read more
Kung Fu, in ancient times, was a matter of life and death…. It’s the same today… Kung Fu, in ancient times, was a literally a matter of life and death. You trained to avoid death and thereby prolong life. Avoiding death may have been defending yourself in war or from a bandit attack, for example. › Read more